It's simple. Eclipse provides free ATM transactions anywhere in the world. We'll refund any other bank's service Louisville or London... Paducah or Paris. There's no limit... no catches... just free ATMs... (no askerisk).

Free ATM withdrawals – anywhere under the sun

Withdraw cash from any ATM worldwide with no transaction fee from Eclipse Bank. We'll even refund automatically any surcharges you pay at other ATMs.

Free ATM deposits

At Eclipse, it's easy to deposit cash or checks using your debit card at our ATM or at any participating STAR ATM.

To find ATMs in your area that accept Eclipse deposits follow the link below, and select Filter Results.  Check the box next to STAR Shared Deposit, enter your City, State or Zip Code and click on Go.

Click here to find ATMs in your area that accept Eclipse deposits.


Free Visa® debit cards issued right on the spot

Receive one or more Eclipse Bank Visa® debit cards on the spot when you open your account and select your own Personal Identification Number (PIN). There's no need to wait weeks to receive your card in the mail.

Questions? Comments?

As always, please contact us at 502-671-4800 or with any questions or comments.


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