Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit offers you the ability to deposit business and consumer checks without ever leaving your office. When you scan checks in your office, an image of the check and check data are electronically sent to Eclipse for processing. Checks are then deposited directly into your Eclipse checking account.

Easy as 1-2-3

  • Remote Deposit eliminates preparing a deposit ticket and driving to the bank. And, lets you extend daily deposit deadlines.
  • If you have offices across the state or country, you can consolidate multiple bank accounts and multiple bank relationships. As a result, you can reduce administrative cost, bank fees and return-item risk. And, you can improve funds availability and administrative productivity.
  • Remote Deposit can ultimately affect your bottom line by improving cash flow and working capital and reducing days sales outstanding.

How Remote Deposit Works

  • Sign on to Eclipse's secure online banking site.
  • Enter the total dollar amount of your deposit.
  • Select the bank account you want to deposit the checks into and begin scanning the checks.
  • Submit the deposit to Eclipse for processing. We will confirm your deposit and balance to the deposit totals you enter.
  • Deposits can be transmitted 24/7, once a day or multiple times during the day, utilizing Eclipse's extended deposit deadline.
  • Security features include detection and prevention of duplicate check deposits.


  • Access your reports through Eclipse's secure online banking site
  • You have access to standard reports or customized reports based on information important to you
  • Export and save reports in Excel, CSV (Comma delimited), TSV (Tab delimited) to upload directly to your accounting system
  • Research deposit item information and download report information
  • Access images of deposited checks

If you'd like more information on remote deposit, please contact us at 502-671-4800 or

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